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A Tapestry of History, Nature, and Beauty

Portovenere, a quintessential seaside village nestled along the Ligurian Riviera, captivates with its seamless fusion of history, natural splendor, and cultural heritage. Amidst the pastel-colored houses, ancient village walls, and the embrace of both sea and Regional Park, time seems to stand still.

At Oblò Guesthouse, we eagerly await to immerse our guests in the inimitable ambiance of this coastal gem. Join us in uncovering the hidden treasures and marvels that elevate Portovenere to a cherished jewel in the heart.

Church of San Lorenzo

Perched atop Portovenere, the illustrious Church of San Lorenzo commands attention with its grandeur and historical significance. Crafted in the Romantic style by the revered Antelami Masters, this architectural marvel has evolved over centuries, seamlessly incorporating Gothic and Renaissance elements, bearing witness to the village's storied past.

The entrance gate, adorned with a 13th-century lunette portraying the martyrdom of Saint Lawrence, offers a mere glimpse into the artistic and spiritual treasures concealed within. Delve deeper to uncover a 15th-century triptych showcasing the Virgin Mary and St. John at the foot of the cross, the miraculous parchment of the Madonna Bianca, and the awe-inspiring Lebanese cedar trunk, which found its home in Portovenere in 1204.

Church of San Pietro

Nestled within Lazzaro Spallanzani square, the venerable Church of San Pietro stands as a testament to Genoese Gothic architecture, its foundations laid in 1277 overlooking the Gulf of Poets. Often chosen by enamored couples for their momentous occasions, it captivates not only for its visual allure but also for its profound historical and architectural significance.

From the side entrance to the towering Gothic bell tower, and from the vestiges of early Christian heritage to the panoramic vistas from the square, every facet of this church beckons exploration. Indeed, a visit to this sacred site is a requisite for any sojourn in the enchanting embrace of Portovenere.

Byron's Grotto

Byron's Grotto, aptly named after the famed English poet Lord Byron, who graced the shores of Portovenere in the 19th century, bears witness to his legendary feats of courage and strength. Legend has it that Byron swam through the cavernous depths to showcase his indomitable spirit.

Beyond its association with Lord Byron, the grotto enthralls visitors with its natural splendor, boasting crystal-clear waters and captivating rock formations that evoke a sense of wonder. Accessible by boat, and at times by the adventurous, even offering the opportunity to swim or snorkel in its vicinity, Byron's Grotto stands as a testament to the enduring allure of Portovenere's coastal wonders.

Palmaria, Tino e Tinetto

The Archipelago surrounding Portovenere is a treasure trove not to be missed, a pristine jewel adorning the Ligurian coastline and an integral part of the esteemed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Among these gems, Palmaria stands out as the sole inhabited island, captivating visitors with its natural wonders, including the awe-inspiring Grotta Vulcanica and the Grotta Azzurra.

Tino, shrouded in a veil of military secrecy, unveils its mysteries only during the feast of San Venerio and the ensuing Sunday, offering a rare glimpse into its secluded realm. Meanwhile, Tinetto, the smallest of the trio, holds echoes of a bygone community and bears witness to an ancient early Christian coenoby dating back to the 4th-5th century.